Which bank has the lowest interest for mortgage credit?

In this article, I tell you which bank has the lowest interest for mortgage credit today. With this information, you can select the institution that offers you the best interest rate on this type of loan.

First of all, you should know that I have used as a reference for this article, the average interest rate of the banking system, which is calculated and published by the SBS. This is determined taking into account all the clients of the institution that have a mortgage loan, so it is a weighted average and not a fixed value.

Banking institutions establish the interest rate in each case, according to the credit profile of each applicant, and their own policies. For example, the higher your sustainable income and the better your credit history, the better interest rates you can have. And also for various factors, the bank that can offer a better interest rate for you, is not the same one that can give it to your neighbor. Therefore, the average rate is only an indication, and does not mean that it is what you can obtain in your particular case.


Better interest rates in national currency

Better interest rates in national currency

For mortgage loans in soles, the top three banks with the best rates today are as follows:

  1. Cream Bank: 6.68%.
  2. Best Bank: 6.73%.
  3. Lenders Bank : 6.81%.

As you can see, according to the SBS report, Cream Bank is the bank that offers the best interest rate in local currency. You can also see that there is no significant difference between the interest rates offered by these three institutions.

What you should keep in mind is that these rates are referential and it does not mean that all people who apply for credit will have that rate. In the end, the rate depends on many other factors such as: credit term, credit currency, type of income, level of income, etc.


Better interest rates in foreign currency

Better interest rates in foreign currency

In the case of loans in dollars, the podium of the lowest interest rates in mortgage loans is given below:

  1. Cream Bank: 5.51%.
  2. Best Bank: 5.58%.

Then, in the case of foreign currency, it is Cream Bank that has the lowest interest for mortgage loans at present. However, this hardly differs by a few tenths of a percentage point, compared to the other options. That is, for practical purposes, these banks offer a similar rate.

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